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Akashic Soul Readings

A Soul Akashic Reading will connect you to your Universal Soul.


The Soul Akashic reading reveals where you originated from, your Souls' Source Energies and Cosmic Soul Group.  This indepth reading will also reveal your Souls' spirit guides, positive past lives and spiritual paths you have ventured down and that are now playing an important part in your life.


It will also bring to light restrictions, blocks and issues that are holding you back and how to clear them from your Akashic records and auric energy fields.


Each Soul has an Akashic Record held in the Universe Hall of Wisdom.  These records hold every event you have had in your many incarnations throughout time.


It is here that we can see events that have helped in shaping your current life, from outstanding karma and blocks that have been holding you back in your relationships or stopping you from manifesting abundance and even affecting your health.


The Soul Akashic Reading will include:-

• Your main Soul Source Energies that is an inherent part of your spiritual soul nature

• Learn about your Cosmic Soul Group, traits and personalities

* Your Soul specialisations and the skills you were designed for

• Benefit from the wisdom of your Spirit Guides to understand yourself at a soul level and know who they are

• Find out how your present life is affected by past spiritual journeys

*The primary life lesson that your soul chose to work on in this lifetime

• Rid negative energy carried with you from one life to the next

• Clear obstacles, issues and restrictions in order to enjoy a more fulfilled life

• Experience a positive shift in energy to a higher vibration allowing you to move forward


This reading is for those who are ready to step into the next stage of Soul growth and to let go of any blocks and restrictions that may be preventing them from fully embodying their Soul’s gifts and purpose and connection to Divine Source.


There is also a 21-day healing process involved in this reading where all issues found are cleared for you. You will receive an individualised transmutation incantation that personally involves you in the clearing process.


Soul-level issues can keep us disconnected from our intuitive resources, stuck in unhealthy patterns or relationships; create mental and emotional issues and negative behaviours and thoughts. They affect us on the physical level in the form of low energy and sometimes sickness.


By having these issues cleared you once again align yourself more strongly with the Divine Source and reconnect clearly with your soul.




With this reading I prepare a very detailed report (approx 28 - 33 pages) for you. You can then have either a one on one session with me in Colchester, Essex or by distance via phone, email, messenger, facetime or skype to go over the report and answer questions and delver further into the report looking for the connections, reasons situations may continuously being presented and next steps in moving forward.


Once you have booked your reading, please contact me either through my facebook page Mystic Soul Wisdom or email paula@mysticsoulwisdom.com to arrange timing and information required to access your Akashic records.


Click here to book your £85 Soul Akashic Reading