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By paulavidovic, Aug 28 2015 11:05AM

Ever feel like you’re living your life in autopilot, moving from one point to another without any real meaning or focus? Mark Twain accurately put it, “The two most important days in your life is the day you are born, and the day you find out why.” As a natural Intuitive and healer, I get asked often, “What is my purpose in life?” This is perhaps one of the best reasons to get spiritual readings. Each and every one of us has a particular purpose in our lives. When we begin to focus on this purpose, we go onto the path of a healed life, one with meaning. You feel happier, healthier and more in control.

While it is true everyone has a purpose – a role – in the transformation of the universe. However, one also cannot deny that it differs for each. Few of us come into the world with the purpose of being the president of a superpower country, a CEO in a mega corporation or a superstar celebrity. For some of us, the purpose is to love, learn and teach. In many cases, we have multiple purposes: while you may want a thriving career doing something you feel passionate about, you may also want to teach kids. Whatever it may be, the true purpose comes from passion – mostly hidden in our souls that can only be reached out using spiritual readings and divine intervention.

Have you found your life’s purpose? Here’s how we use different platforms to help you connect with your purpose:

Using Spiritual Palmistry Reading

For millenniums, scholars and legends like Aristotle and Hippocrates have believed and acted on that the hands that hold the very blueprint to our souls. Using their divine understanding and gifted intuition, they used spiritual palmistry readings to get a deeper understanding of man and his purpose. Not only do the complex lines bear predictions of the future, but the upcoming experiences and explorations. Based on ancient knowledge and Eastern mystics, your fingers and palm shape give insight into the personality attributes of the individual, focusing on how they love, think and feel. Finally, the hidden talents and gifts are uncovered.

Tarot Readings

Ever feel like you’re stuck between making difficult choices? Tarot readings are a form of divination that helps give guidance and direction in complex decisions. Every so often, decisions have a way of overwhelming us: career choices, relationships and business choices. Tarot readings provide clarity into better understanding the current situation, and how a change today can influence an outcome for a better future. When your wisdom falls short, turn to the powerful forces of divination to find your life’s purpose and answers!

Angel & Oracle Readings

Angel cards give channelled information from the Angelic etheric realms. It is a way of connecting to the energies of angelic beings for divine guidance. Archangel Michael is God’s chosen soldier granted with the power of knowing everyone’s life purpose. Like an orchestra conductor, he ensures that each of our play our role in God’s great plan.

The readings of Oracle cards cannot be mistaken. They operate on the Laws of the Universe – the Law of Attraction. This means that your questions about your life, decisions and purpose will attract the right cards in answer.

If you’re looking to align yourself with your life’s passion and purpose in life, please get in touch with me. I provide – both in person and distance readings. I offer my knowledge and teachings from over thirty years of experience and learning. I also receive divine guidance and advice in my palmistry & tarot readings from my Spirit Guides. With Angel and Oracle readings, I connect with my Guardian Angels to receive messages from your own Guardian Angels.

By paulavidovic, Aug 28 2015 10:59AM

The Mystery Behind Tarot

The Fool. The Hanged Man. The Magician. The Chariot. The Empress.

These centuries-old cards are a purposeful blend of ancient symbolism, historic events and religious concepts that have paved the creation of tarot card that we’ve come to know today. To most people, this might be a source of fortune telling – the mystery behind the cards and the powers of the readers to decipher what the future holds. However, a closer look into tarot cards and you may come to realize that the power of these masterpiece cards lies in their ability to shed light and open up the doors to some of our most innate desires and complex dilemmas.

Holistic Tarot Card Reading – Moving beyond the Traditional Realms

Real Tarot card readings go much beyond the realms of fortune telling. Holistic Tarot Reading incorporates knowledge and spiritual guidance to gain a holistic experience. The real power lies in the power of the reader to have a deep, spiritual wisdom of understanding the different aspects each archetype image and symbolism represented on the card, as indeed over time the tarot has taken on many symbolisms and potent knowledge from various ancient teachings inc. numerology, astrology, hermitic, kabbalah, just to name a few.

Why Holistic Tarot Readings?

So, why turn to tarot cards in times of complexities and lack of purpose? Because there are times in your life where you fail to understand which path to take; which road leads to your desired destination; what’s the best for your higher good in this situation?

Tarot cards act like a reflection of ourselves. Tapping into your higher self they connect with you, displaying your inner strengths, weaknesses, ideology, values and that purpose that fuels your passion. It helps you to confront situations in your life – both past, present and future – to help you take the best course of action. These archetypes are a manifestation of your life’s decisions, and how they influence each aspect of it.

And so, whether you’re looking for love tarot reading or an answer to decide on a career move, tarot cards help you understand the full context of your situation using learning from the tarot card symbols and metaphors and archetypes.

What Should Holistic Tarot Readings Consist of?

For most part, it has always been assumed that tarot readings are associated with prediction about future outcomes. As mentioned before, that’s where holistic readings are so different. Are you thinking of getting a holistic reading? If so, you might want to understand what it entails.

Holistic tarot readings are proactive. Not only do they provide insight into your decisions, but also some of the choices that will assist you toward your cause, your purpose or your passion. The readings are solution based. They offer you affirmations and guidance so you feel like you’ve taken something valuable that can be applied for personal growth.

As a natural Intuitive and healer, I use the cards as a starting point in my readings and add more expansion cards, pull from other oracles or runes as directed by my own knowledge gathered over the years coupled with the infinite wisdom of my guides to provide more clarity. There are many ways to have a Tarot Reading with me. It includes an in-person, one to one reading; distance readings; in depth Celtic spread and urgent guidance. For more information, please explore my website, and get in touch with me to gain spiritual guidance, wisdom and remove any uncertainties in your life.

Welcome and thanks for coming by my website. I'm Paula and as I go about my own journey of Soul expansion, it is my wish to reach out and touch you on yours and together we can share and empower each other, hopefully with laughter, light & love!


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