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Essence Astrology Report


Astrology Reading


Your birth chart offers you a unique insight into your life destiny.

An astrology reading can help you gain a fresh perspective on yourself and your current life situation. I work with your potential so you can make the most of your life.


Astrology can enrich your life and I want to share my understanding of this ancient craft of Astrology with you.    My intention is that you will leave feeling inspired and motivated about yourself and what’s next.  


Astrology deepens self-understanding and I will bring your birth chart to life so you can make the most of positive trends, navigate challenges and be in flow with life.

We will explore the main aspects and planetary influences that are shown in your chart. I will uncover and explore your talents and potential, as well as different areas of your life, such as personality, money, studies, family, home, relationships, work, health, friends, vocation and spirituality.  


My aim is to look at the unique characteristics that the planets held at the moment of your birth, and help you to connect with your Soul, your Inner Self that lies beyond the layers of the personal and social conditioning, and help you become aware of your potential and true Life Path.


On the Spiritual Level

Astrology was born as an art-science that helps humanity live in harmony with the patterns of Earth and Universe. In the Universe, humans hold the unique position of mediation between Earth and Universe, between the physical and the Divine dimensions. In between these two extremes lay the spheres of planetary influences, which condition our lives in a personal and collective level.


The purpose of Spiritual Astrology is to help us become aware of these planetary influences, so we can live in harmony with the Universe and Earth, we can become bearers of Light while we are here on Earth and we can live our life according to the pure purpose of our Soul.


Full detailed Astrology report £135 – please contact me with your date of birth, place of birth and where possible time of birth.