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Star Soul readings


Also known as ‘Starseed" readings are for those who feel that there is more out there than our current understanding of the universe suggests.


Perhaps you feel an affinity with other stars or planets, or you may even feel that Earth is not your true home but are unsure as to what that really means and where you have come from.


Starseeds have a higher purpose and are here to impart the wisdom they bring from their origination on other stars. They are here to enlighten and advance the Earth through spiritual, physical, emotional and mental innovation, creativity and inspiration.


A Star Soul reading will help you to learn about your gifts from the stars and the star guides that are linked to you and will open the door for you to gain a deeper understanding of your star soul origination, the gifts and talents that are linked to this and how you can use them to fulfil your purpose on Earth..


A Starseed is an individual that began life not on Earth, but on a distant star, planet, solar system or galaxy.


These readings are for those who have come to a realisation that they may be a Starseed, or for Starseeds wishing to learn more about themselves in order to develop and use their inherent gifts and talents


  • You may feel an unexplained sense of not belonging – or misplacement – with your current    surroundings

  • Emptiness and longing are feelings you are familiar with

  • Concepts that others might struggle with (the supernatural, life on other planets, space travel) you can easily accept and understand them

  • You are exceptionally intuitive, can recognise ulterior agendas and may possess extraordinary psychic abilities

     – although you may be unaware of the scale of these gifts


A Star Soul reading will help you to:


  • Explore the reality of being a Starseed

  • Identify, understand and embrace your Starseed identity

  • Connect to your home in the stars

  • Understand your unique Starseed life missions

  • Learn about your star essence.

Star Soul Readings


All Starseeds have taken the decision to incarnate here on Earth to help raise the level of human consciousness at this time.


You have chosen to express your soul at this time for a specific mission. This reading will include details on your Starseed Planet of Origination, character and personality traits of your Starseed soul group and the specific mission and lesson as a starseed that you wished to complete in this lifetime as well as who are your Star Guides that are working with you.


Once I have your report prepared you can then have either a one on one reading with me in Colchester or a phone call with me and the report sent to you via email or post.


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