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Life Essence Readings

Palmistry readings in Essex & Suffolk

Welcome to Life Essence readings - One on One in person, Essex or worldwide via skype, facebook or zoom.


We are all unique and all have a life purpose that we came here to explore and experience.

Through this reading you will learn exactly why you are here and so step into the life you were born to live.

Let me help you understand yourself as no other type of reading can do.


A Life Essence reading combines the ancient knowledge and wisdom from the Ancients through spiritual palmistry, astrology and numerology. This knowledge together with modern insights and tapping into the Universal energies show us your destiny in this life time.


What this reading reveals:-

*Your life purpose

*Your life assignment

*Your cosmic path

*Abilities and potential gifts inc pyschic talents

*Your Elemental Personality

*What you require for fulfilled relationships

*Your thought processes

*How you create

*& so much more…


Uncovering the True You that you are meant to be is a very empowering and transformational process.


Discovering your Life Purpose and assignment you step onto your life path. These two aspects are found in your fingerprints. To help you with these two aspects, you also came in with gifts, abilities and talents which are in your palm markings. Therefore, we combine these all together along with your other lines that show us how you love, think, cope and plan and we then end up with a very clear picture and understanding what you came here to do.


In conjunction with this I also do an astrology and numerology reading for you that gives more guidance  - as well as both confirmation and clarification about your life purpose and the path you came here to take.



My readings are positive and uplifting, non-judgmental and realistic. My readings are aimed for your empowerment and enrichment for the life you are now living.


Take control of your destiny today!

Your choice – “one on one reading” in person at Colchester, Essex or distance reading via Skype, facebook or zoom.


This reading takes approx  60 - 90 mins


Please make payment below for your reading and email me at paula@mysticsoulwisdom.com to confirm date and time


Please click here £60