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Past Life Readings


Energy travels from your past lives through to your current life and can carry both positive and negative emotions with it.


As the soul returns to life over and over some traumatic memories are re-created in our current life often making little sense, and keeping us from living peaceful and fulfilling lives.


Understanding more about who you were in the past can better equip you to deal with issues that you might find yourself facing in the present.

A Past Life Reading will reveal details about who you were in another life. It may shed light on significant events that happened to you, what you learned, who you met and how this affected you.


If you sometimes feel ‘not quite like yourself’, or if you start experiencing emotions that are out of the norm for you, it could be that you are channelling the energy of a person you were in a previous life.


For each past life revealed we:

• Release the negative energy stored through unresolved traumas

• Integrate the positive energies (i.e. knowledge and wisdom) from you past lives with your present life

• Clear curses, terminate oaths and release vows

• Release any karmic relationships

• Clear obligations including tests of unconditional love


Uncovering and clearing any held issues and karma will stimulate your spiritual growth and bring positive understanding to your present life.


It can empower you to better understand difficult relationships and realise why you might be acting in a certain way and will give you a new perspective on the challenges you are facing and help you shift self-limiting beliefs.


This reading is for those who are curious about who they were in their past lives and how that is affecting their present. If you recognise yourself in any of the following then a past life reading may be able to help you:

• Do you find yourself wondering about the past?

• Are you curious about reincarnation?

• Do you frequently experience déjà vu?

• Do you have strange dreams, where you are a different gender or a different person?


Past life Readings are prepared via the Akashic records where I locate your records based on your birth chart and access you previous lives that are currently affecting your reactions and experiences in your present life.


Here, I will be able to gather information about your past and depending on what you wish to learn from the reading, I can ask your spirit guides these questions and be led by them. At times, I may combine this with a tarot reading to gain further guidance and advice.


Once I have your report prepared you can then have either a one on one reading with me in Colchester or a phone call with me and the report sent to you via email or post.


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