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Akashic Soul Readings

What is an Akashic Soul Reading?


Each Soul has an Akashic Record held in the Universe’s Library. These records hold every event you have had in your many incarnations throughout time.


It is here that we can see events that have helped in shaping your current life, from outstanding karma and blocks that have been holding you back in your relationships or stopping you from manifesting abundance and even affecting your health.

With the various readings that I offer we can uncover these and with this knowledge move ahead with help clear away outstanding Karma.


• Discovering your Life purpose and lessons

• Realise the soul gifts you were incarnated with

• Learn about your Soul Group, traits and personalities

• Benefit from the wisdom of your Spirit Guides to understand yourself at a soul level

• Find out how your present life is affected by past spiritual journeys

• Rid negative energy carried with you from one life to the next

• Clear obstacles in order to enjoy a more fulfilled life

• Experience a positive shift in energy to a higher vibration allowing you to move forward


The following are the Akashic Readings that I offer. Please feel free to speak to me if you would like further guidance on the type of reading that you might be best suited to.


With all of these readings I prepare a very detailed report for you. You can then have either a one on one reading with me in Colchester or a phone call with the finished report sent to you via email or post.



This reading is an introduction to the Akashic records and helps you to see yourself from your Soul’s perspective. In this reading you will learn:


* Your special Divine gifts that are an inherent part of your spiritual nature

* Your Soul’s specialisations and the skills you were designed for

* Your Soul Group along with details on this groups specific energetic qualities and traits

* The primary life lesson that your soul chose to work on in this lifetime

* How many spirit guides you have on your team and a message from them

* Spiritual traditions or religions that your soul has participated in

* Past periods in History where your soul has experienced great growth


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This reading includes the Soul Deep Profile reading and is then the next step for those who are ready to let go of any blocks and restrictions that may be preventing them from fully embodying their Soul’s gifts and purpose and connection to Divine Source.


Soul-level issues can keep us disconnected from our intuitive resources, stuck in unhealthy patterns or relationships; create mental and emotional issues and negative behaviours and thoughts. They affect us on the physical level in the form of low energy and sometimes sickness.


By having these issues cleared you once again align yourself more strongly with the Divine Source and reconnect clearly with your soul.


There is also a 21-day healing process involved in this session and all issues found are cleared for you. You will receive an individualised prayer that personally involves you in the clearing process and some information on what to expect during the healing period.


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