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Please click here to purchase We are all blessed with spirit guides who surround us and support us.


The role of your guides is to gently but consistently guide you via intuitive nudges to stay on track with your soul’s purpose. In addition, if something is in your purpose to accomplish, you will find support from your spirit guides in that endeavour. They will connect you up with resources, people, money, books to help you reach your goals. They can offer insight and comfort when you feel lost.


We usually have between four and seven guides in our inner circle. Our primary spirit guide is with us from birth. The rest of the guides tend to join our spirit guide team as we mature and some join temporally to help us on specific lessons or projects that we need guidance and help on.


Knowing specific information on your Spirit Guides Team which can consist of Spirit Guides, Guardian angels, ascended masters, power animals, elemental and Galactic guides increases your sense of emotional and spiritual wellbeing, knowing that you are not alone on your path through life but are supported with love and guidance which they offer at all times over all aspects of your life.


This reading can enable and give you details for you to develop your own personal relationship with your guides. The clear and detailed descriptions will make it easier to communicate with your personal spirit team. You may find it easier to recognise spiritual guidance when it comes to you.


I will include as many details as possible, building a clear and accurate profile of each individual spirit guide. These are all clues that build up a clear profile of each guide to enable you to identify them for yourself when they contact you.


I will also relate the role that they play and how they assist and guide you.


   • A full description of each Spirit Guide’s appearance, personality, soul gifts and name where given

   • The Spirit Guides role in your life, including life lessons they are assisting you with;

      shared part lives if applicable, any intuitive gifts used to communicate with you and any messages they wish to share

  • Any temporary guides who have come into your life to help you in a specific transition period

   • Guardian Angels or Archangels present who have a message foryou

   • An Ascended Master you have a particular affinity with

   • Galactic, Animal or Elementals present who wish to be known and have a message for you

   • Messages from your Spirit Guides to receive general messages of encouragement and support


Once I have your report prepared you can then have either a one on one reading with me in Colchester or a phone call with me and the report sent to you via email or post.


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Spirit Guide Readings


Spirit Guide Portrait


Your guide’s portrait will be a unique and an original artwork.


Spirit Guide Portraits provide you with an opportunity to see your Spirit Guide; to ask questions and receive a message from the Guide that comes forth for you.


The Spirit Guide could be any one from your team of guides including guardian angels, power animals, elementals or galactic guides.


Spirit Guide portraits create a strong link and connection that can help you visualise your guide during meditations and open communications with them.


Once I have your portrait completed you may either collect it from me in Colchester or I can send it to you via signed for courier.


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