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Hand Analysis & Palmistry Readings in Essex and Suffolk

Palmistry readings in Essex & Suffolk

Welcome to Mystic Soul Wisdom, providing Palmistry readings in Essex & Suffolk.


Hands are a beautiful reflection of what is going on inside of you. Are you ready to step into the life you were born to live? Let me help you understand yourself as no other type of analysis can do. Your hands simply have more information than any other type of reading, you will be amazed!


Palmistry as a means of insight and divination dates back thousands of years. I combine the ancient knowledge and wisdom from the Eastern mystics with the scientific Hand Analysis insights of the western civilization.


I will help you discover your own soul blueprint - the map of your intended life that will lead you to your life purpose, lessons and challenges, so you can explore them and develop your soul wisdom.


From your hands, you can uncover:

*Your Life Purpose

*Your Life Lesson

*Talents and potential gifts

*Personality Psychology

*Challenges to make progress

*Emotional System

*Relationships with others

*Success Potential

*Subconscious truths

*& so much more…


Uncovering yourself through hand analysis is a very empowering and transformational process.


My readings are positive and uplifting, non-judgmental and realistic. My readings are aimed for your empowerment and enrichment for the life you are now living.


Take control of your destiny today!

Palmistry Reading


When you need to know everything that your hands are telling you, this palmistry reading is for you!

We will look at all the details in both of your hands to uncover all aspects of your being


Learn about your elements, archetypes, non-negotiable needs, strengths, talents, potentials. We will examine your hand shape, finger lengths and settings, phalanges and uncover any talent markers in the palm or palmar prints.


Moving to your Fingerprints which are unique and unalterable, and they reveal your soul imprint and soul psychology showing you where you can find greatest fulfilment in life. There are 14 different types of fingerprints and about 20 palmar prints. We will read your road map and interpret what’s possible for you.



Your choice – “one on one reading” in person at Colchester or distance reading (requirement: clear photos of hands, palms & fingertip or ink print sheets & instructions that can be sent to you)


This reading takes approx 45mins - 60 mins


Please make payment below for your reading and email me at paula@mysticsoulwisdom.com to confirm date and time


Please click here to make your payment £40




More About Palmistry


For thousands of years, from the ancient civilisations the blueprint of your soul and all that you wanted to experience and explore was known to be clearly mapped out in your hand.


Back in these civilisations this knowledge was openly taught as a "Science and Art" in the Mystery schools and to the Priests and Priestesses of those times. Aristotle and Hippocrates are amongst those who used Palmistry to help heal and offer guidance to those that asked.


Palmistry is all about YOU; Your Purpose, Your Gifts, Your Personality traits and how You wanted to be loved and how You love



Aristole quote “Lines are not written into the human hand without reason. They emanate from heavenly influences and man's own individuality”.  Aristotle, Hippocrates and Alexander the Great popularized the laws and practice of palmistry. Hippocrates sought to use palmistry to aid his clinical procedures.