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Spiritual & Creative Workshops and courses in Essex

All of the spiritual workshops and courses are held in Colchester, Essex.


Please scroll down for all the current workshops and details.  On all workshops, a deposit is required to confirm your place.


For more details on any of the workshops below, please contact me or look on my Facebook page for the Event & Flyers

Meeting & Manifesting with Angels Workshop                                                                             Saturday 3rd August 2019   10am til 3.30pm


This workshop is a wonderful opportunity to learn more about your own abundant gifts and the Angels who can help you develop those gifts.

Spend the day in a supportive and relaxing environment whilst learning how to connect to your Archangel, uncover your innate gifts and receive messages from the Angelic Realm.


During the day, we will be exploring:-

•The various realms of the Archangels and angels, their particular area of expertise

•Discover which vibrational gift you have from Divine, understand and learn how to awaken this gift by calling on the Archangel whose realm it is.

•How to manifest and attune to these energies by bringing them into your life to be used

•How can we connect to Angels and receive more clarity and support

•How to recognise guidance and receive messages


The workshop is set in Colchester,  Unwind, relax, learn, share and feel the new energies emerge as your connect to your Angels.

My workshops are kept small to allow for each participant to receive the most out of the workshop and to keep the energies open for connections.

Workshop £55 including lunch (please let me know of any dietary preferences or allergies)

Take home with you the detailed workshop manual and an Angelic gift, along with your own journal to record this empowering experience


Click here £20 deposit Meeting & Manifesting with Angels Workshop

Chakras, Crystal & Casting Workshop                                                                                      22nd June 2019 Saturday 22nd June 2019


This is a fun, creative and interactive workshop where you will learn about the chakras, how to clear and balance them with healing crystals so that your vibrations will be raised which will open up your intuition and imagination. We will then be working with pendulums as well as crafting your very own pendulum.


In the afternoon we will be exploring and practising the divination art of casting Ancient Wisdom Runes to give and receive readings.

After this you will be personalising your very own set of runes, which are for you to use in giving your own readings.


Please book early to secure your place as availability is limited.  


£60.00 for the day including pendulum, divination board, Ancient Wisdom Rune set,  Workbook, delicious Lunch & refreshments


Please click on £20 deposit to confirm your place on this exciting workshop


Click here £20 deposit Chakra, Crystal & Casting Workshop

Beginner Intuitive Oracle Card Readers Workshop                            12th October 2019  10.30am to 4pm                        

Oracle Cards are the easiest way to get clear answers and receive messages from your angels. Learn how to choose and interpret the cards through the power of the Angels and your Guides.


I am a certified Oracle Card Reader with many years experience in giving readings and teaching how to open to your own natural gifts and read the messages that Spirit send to us.        


Step by Step how to read Oracle cards no matter your intuitive abilities. Learn your own card reading style and tools that help you receive messages.     Whether you want to give yourself a daily reading to receive messages or have a calling to offer readings and guidance to others, you’ll learn all you need to know to give  insightful card readings with confidence and clarity.

You will learn;

*  Meditation and breath work to neutralize your mind in order to connect with your Spirit Guides

*  Learn more about Angels, Elemental Guides, Spirit Animals, Spirit Guides

*  How to cleanse and clear your cards

*  How to give a reading for yourself, your family and clients

*  Practise card readings

*  Learn how to interpret and trust your intuition on the messages you receive


This is a chance to relax and have the opportunity to share your experiences and learn whilst having fun developing new abilities and skills


The workshop is set in Colchester.   Included is a comprehensive Workbook Manual, Certificate of Intuitive Oracle Card Reader and lunch (any preferences or allergies please let us know)


Workshop £55  with a deposit of £20  to confirm you place.      Please book early to secure your place as we are limited to 5 people.  


Please click here to make your £20 deposit Oracle Card Workshop

Past Life Regression & Ancient Wisdom Soul Workshop                                                                               24th November 2019 11am to 4pm


This workshop is designed for everyone... whether you are just beginning to delve into your Souls past journeys for the first time or you have already experienced Past Life journeys and beyond.


Revisit specific times in your Souls history. Your past lives hold valuable information for opportunity to unlock & release current life issues.

Are you ready to discover your life’s purpose? What is preventing you from identifying and achieving your goals? Take this opportunity to harness your power and transform your life! This highly experiential workshop utilizes gentle past life regression therapy along with Ancient Wisdom systems guiding you to explore your past lifetimes and to connect inward with your truest, most beautiful self.

Gain better understanding of your path and your soul’s purpose while accessing your higher self and spirit guides who can lead you to enlightenment and healing.


The workshop will cover:

Various exercises in opening up to our higher selves

Past life regression session

Akashic records and how to access them

What are and how to use various tools to help access your past life memories

What is your Souls karmic destiny in this lifetime

What are your Souls strengths and how they are to be expressed

Practical Intuition Exercises


My Inner Wisdom Past Life Workshop is designed to allow you to see the bigger picture on a Soul level. Throughout the day you will experience past life exploration through beautiful exercises and Soul journeys to open & deepen your understanding of where your soul has chosen to travel to and why.

Also, if you’ve had your Akashic Records reading with me, in this workshop you can delve deeper into one of your uncovered positive past lives and bring forward the wisdom and abilities you held at the time into this present life.


A fascinating day designed specifically to nurture Self through expansion of your awareness.


The workshop is set in Colchester, Essex. Workshop £55  with a deposit of £20  to confirm you place.


Please book early to secure your place as we are limited to 5 people.  



Please click here to make your £20 deposit

Angelic Reiki Level 1 & 2                                                                        Wednesday 16th & Thursday 17th October 10.30am til 4pm                                                                


The Angelic Reiki healing system is taught by the means of two workshops which connect the student with the most powerful Angelic energy being anchored on earth at this time.   Angelic Reiki is equally suitable for beginners and those experienced in other healing systems.   No experience in any other holistic complementary therapy is required by those wishing to learn Angelic Reiki.


You will receive both the level 1&2 attunements in this workshop. At the end of which you will be trained as Angelic Reiki Healer – to Practitioner Level.


In this workshop you will receive;

• The Angelic Reiki 1st and 2nd Degree Cleansing and Attunement

• 8 Multidimensional Reiki Symbols, attuned through the Angelic Vibration

• Angelic Reiki Healing Methods

• Healing with Ascended Masters/Galactic Healers

• Multidimensional Healing

• Self Healing

• Attunement to the Angelic Kingdom of Light through Archangel Metatron

• Master Crystal to hold the Divine Angelic Codes of Healing

• Manual, Certificate and ongoing support


£153 for the two day course, including above, lunch & refreshments


Please click here to make your £50 deposit Angelic Reiki Course